We are enthusiastic advocates of online real time, LIVE CHAT software , as you can see near the bottom right here on any of our Get Freedom site pages (if we are online). By having a first-hand understanding of just how real-time conversation capability has actually aided our clients as well as myself as a consumer, it was among the very first apps we established on our site I intended to share our searchings for on the customer/client advantages of using on-site real-time conversation software program on your web site.

Live Chat on Your Business Website Makes Good Old Fashioned Common Sence

Reason #1

Think About It: EXAMPLE SCENARIO = You walk into a retail outlet looking for an “XYXZ widget” or information about it. You could stumble around forever looking for the widget … OR … would you rather there was someone there you could ask for help directing you to the widget you’re looking for and who you can also ask for information about the widget you want and probably buy. OF COURSE, you will want someone there that can help you. On Site LIVE Chat can make you or one of your reps that someone there able to help your prospective buyer. MAKE SENSE?

Reason #2


It’s not a very good feeling having to waste your lunch break because you’re on an open chat with a prospective new customer. Thanks to our live chat system, you can go ahead doing your day’s work handing the chat session off to another agent or leave the office after opening your live chat on our mobile app so you can continue your chat session away from the office.

Reason #3

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